Selling a house is ranked as one of the most stressful things a person can do. There is so much to consider and given it is one of the largest assets you will ever own you want to ensure you get the most out of it!

Having a good agent you can TRUST with your property is integral in ensuring you GET THE MAX for the sale of your property.

Nathan Birch is known as Australia’s leading property investor, he has been a part of over 10,000 real estate transactions and personally owns over 200 properties. He is renowned as Australia’s leading negotiator when it comes to property and has seen it all in his time, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Over the years he has not just bought many properties but also sold many and it is through both the selling and buying that he has been able to identify the TOP AGENTS! As a vendor you want an agent that is on your side, you want an agent that works for YOU not the buyer. You want someone who understands the local market in which you are selling and is who is going to put in the work to ensure your property sells for the MOST that it can.

Want Access to Nathan's Contacts? Simply fill in your details below, he will personally review your information and one of his team will get in touch with you to make an introduction to the best agent in your area.

    After all why would you want to put yourself through the stress of selling if the end result is not what you want or need?

    At GET THE MAX Nathan has used his 15 years of experience to identify the top agents across all locations. He will put you in touch with the agents in your area who he trusts and knows will WORK for YOU to achieve the best results possible.

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    How it works:

    When I conceived Get The Max it was out of the need to keep agents accountable, having been a part of so many real estate transactions I quickly learnt that I wouldn’t sell with the same agents I bought from. My buying philosophy is to buy below market value and I obviously don’t want to sell below market value and I really don’t want you to get caught short on the sale of your home.

    Given that I have bought and sold property all over Australia, through both regional and metro markets, I have built up a database of trusted agents. These are the agents that I use when I want to sell my properties, I trust that they will get me the best price and also keep me informed right through to settlement. These agents all have the GET THE MAX trusted agent stamp. To have access to the same agents I use to sell my properties simply follow the below steps:

    1. Sign Up

    Complete your details in the section provided

    2. Inspection

    A member of our team will review the property you are selling and area you are selling in

    3. Agent Introduction

    A member of our team will get in contact with you and put you in touch with the GET THE MAX trusted agents in your area based on the property you are trying to sell

    4. Make an Appointment

    Make an appointment with the agents to view and discuss your property

    5. Sign

    Once you are comfortable you will sign directly with the agent

    6. SELL!

    Sell your home

    Get The Max does not cost you anything and when it comes to selling your home it’s always good to have a trusted agent on your side!

    I look forward to helping you on this journey.

    Any Questions? Please call as: 1300 367 925

    GET THE MAX trusted partners:

    When it comes to buying and selling a property the transaction requires more than just an agent. You will need to make sure you have a trusted solicitor, if you need a finance you will need a trusted broker and if you are investing you want a property management team who are on your side!

    I have assembled a team of experts who make the process so easy for you! Below is a list of affiliates with GET THE MAX, like our agents these are trusted affiliates of GET THE MAX and will ensure you get the best outcome.


    • ZINGER FINANCE: 1300 882 022
    • ZENITH LEGAL: 02 9002 0520
    • DYNASTY PRIVATE WEALTH (financial advisor):
    • Below market value property acquisitions: 1300 367 925
    • Developers requiring Project Marketing;

    Want Access to Nathan's Contacts? Simply fill in your details below, he will personally review your information and one of his team will get in touch with you to make an introduction to the best agent in your area.

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